You change our world with your gift of time


 Drive our new bus (14-passenger with wheelchair lift) or your own vehicle. Days can be flexible, mileage is reimbursed for your own vehicle, and a staff assistant is provided when large groups travel in the bus.     

House Buddies

Do you want to go bowling with us?  Do you like going to the movies?  Do you enjoy the Diamondbacks games?  We'd like to get to know you!  .


Vehicle cleaning  With all of our sporting events and other activities, the Goldensun van can always  benefit from a trip to the car wash

Office cleaning Once a month (when it is convenient for you), our office area would benefit from a good cleaning. 

Window washing Six homes and Arizona dust equals a continual opportunity for window washing. All of our homes are single story, which makes the job much easier!  

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Two of our residences have pools. Would you be able to stop by once a week to check on them, monitor the chemicals, and keep us updated on their needs? 

Prayer Partners

Share in the work of Goldensun by praying for the staff and members.    

To learn more, call the Goldensun office at 623-234-3516