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We will mail you a letter at the end of the year, giving information to help you claim this credit on your Arizona State Tax return. 

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Your donations Change our World

Life at Goldensun is supported by a “village” – our members, their parents, volunteers and a dedicated, trained and caring staff.  

Goldensun is founded on the belief that our friends with developmental disabilities deserve to live in peaceful, clean, comfortable homes like you and I.  They deserve the opportunity to be an active part of their community. 

Goldensun members pay a set fee for rent, utilities, food and household supplies each month from their social security. Goldensun pays the difference when expenses exceed those payments. Their payment often falls short of covering all living expenses. Additionally, transportation (two vans, their maintenance, fuel and insurance) is provided for the members without additional expense.    

Your choice – pay taxes or give to Goldensun!

Your generosity and continued support sustains this lifestyle for them. If you are a resident of Arizona, your donation will allow you to take part in the Arizona tax credit program, reducing your Arizona tax bill by up to $800 per household ($400 per individual).   

The process is simple: · Donate up to $400 per individual or up to $800 per household.  At the end of the year, claim a tax credit equal to your donation by submitting Form 321 to the Arizona Department of Revenue with your taxes.  

Example:  If Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a married couple filing jointly, donate $800 to Goldensun, they will receive up to $800 credit* on their Arizona taxes AND a deduction on their Federal taxes, dependent upon their tax bracket.   Unlike other charitable contributions, state tax credits give you a dollar-for-dollar credit (not deduction) from your state taxes as well as a deduction from federal income tax.  You can split your tax credits between two different non-profit 501(c)3 groups; and you can contribute the full amount to a nonprofit such as Goldensun and then also the full amount to a public school you wish to support.  Learn more about this tax credit program at the following websites: